Companies and Unions - Practical Handbook of Trade Union Law


How does this work come to be? Despite the success of the “Manual de Derecho Colectivo del Trabajo” (Manual of Collective Labour Law) published in 2012, Matías Pérez del Castillo and Pedro Gari noticed the need for a study on the subject more accessible for non-lawyers.

Therefore, this new Manual was developed with a more practical approach, including schematics and educational tables, trying to facilitate the study and the access to quick reference material,  not for lawyers and judges exclusively, but also for managers and professionals in labor relations, entrepreneurs, trade unionists and students.

What topics are explored? Aiming at the above goals, and within the framework of positive law in force, the manual approaches issues like: unions and freedom of association rights of the company, collective bargaining and collective agreements, the right to strike and its powers, occupations, defenses of company and workers against unfair unionist measures, among others.