Dispute Resolution - Litigation

We specialize in the advocacy of our clients under labour claims and disputes, and Company Law dispute resolutions.

We represent our clients on litigations procedures conducted by specialized Courts that address issues of Labour Law (in view of individual complaints or protective actions based on trade union measures), Commercial (collections, competition, consumption, etc.), Bankruptcy and Insolvency (companies insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings), Civil (for tort actions, for example), Family (succession), and Arbitration.

We take actions on the different stages of the necessary procedures for the development of our clients’ activities: for Company Law issues, at the National Internal Audit  Office (AIN); for tenders and other Administrative Proceedings, at the corresponding public office; for banking and financial System issues, at the Central Bank of Uruguay; etc. We also operate in the implementation of protective measures, enforcement of credits, in Competition Law and consumer relations actions, insurances complaints, and eventually in criminal matters.