Family and Inheritance

Estate family planning

We advise in matters of personal or patrimonial relationships, estate and inheritance planning, conflict prevention and the efficient handling of these conflicts. We participate in the celebration of the necessary instruments to accomplish the projected planning, as well as marriage capitulations and the judicial separation of goods, testaments and the constitution of trusts.

We intervene in negotiations aiming to arrive to patrimonial settlements.

Family businesses

We advise Family Businesses in the planning of commercial policies (shareholder agreements or trusts), labor (remuneration policies) and inheritance (wills), and in the organization of family relationships at the labor, patrimonial and political levels. Likewise, we assist in the legal aspects related to their activity and we participate in the processes of discussion, design and elaboration of family protocols that regulate the different legal situations that may arise between the different members of the family.

Family law

We provide assistance and representation in necessary judicial actions and complex litigation (divorce, parental authority and guardianship, tenure, visits, child support, conjugal community liquidation and dissolution, recognitions and dissolution of cohabitant unions, unjust enrichment, successions, partitions, amongst others).

We provide services on marital partnership regimes and disabilities, among others.


We intervene in the field of contentious judicial succession, in the granting of wills and partitions (extrajudicial and judicial), as well as in the mediation and preparation of succession agreements that affect the family business and its members.

Furthermore, we have wide experience in family and inheritance matters across borders, including diverse jurisdictions.