Family and Inheritance

  • Advising in matters of personal or patrimonial relationships, estate and inheritance planning, conflict prevention and the efficient handling of these conflicts.
  • Celebration of the necessary instruments to accomplish the projected planning, as well as marriage capitulations and the judicial separation of goods, testaments and the constitution of trusts.
  • Negotiations aiming to arrive to patrimonial settlements or agreements regarding minors.
  • Development of patrimonial settlements and agreements regarding minors, in a satisfactory way for clients.
  • Assistance and representation in necessary judicial actions and complex litigation (divorce, parental authority and guardianship, tenure, visits, child support, conjugal community liquidation and dissolution, recognitions and dissolution of cohabitant unions, unjust enrichment, successions, partitions, amongst others).

Furthermore, we have wide experience in family and inheritance matters across borders, including diverse jurisdictions. 

Our services in this area are distinguished not only for their technical quality, but also for its human warmth and high dedication of our professionals.