August 05, 2012

Handbook of Collective Labour Law

On the back cover of the book,  Matías Pérez del Castillo and Pedro Gari describe its content and purpose:

"The labor legislation enacted in recent years for the private sector has increased the regulation of Collective Labour Law. However, in the collective labor relations practices have been generated that do not respect the legal order, affecting those directly involved (companies, unions and the State), as well as third parties.

With the legal order as basis and foundation, this Manual is intended to serve as a theoretical and practical guide to the Collective Labour Law for students, professionals, law enforcers, employers and unions, to facilitate the full harmonious development of the rights of all involved in collective labor relations.

In its pages the most important contents on the matter are analyzed (trade unions, freedom of association, collective bargaining, collective agreements, right to strike) as well as possible links with commercial law (bankruptcy and competition). The analysis is complemented with current regulations, judicial and administrative cases and decisions of the Committee on Freedom of Association of the International Labor Organization."