Investments & Deals

We intervene in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), acting as intermediaries on dealings of share purchase agreements, joint ventures, companies’ mergers and divisions, covering the different legal stages (audits and due diligence processes, financing, involved contracts, etc.).

We provide the legal framework for our clients’ businesses, advising them on the setting and articulation of the most convenient legal vehicles for their new ventures (trusts, corporations, limited liability companies, agricultural companies, etc.). We offer comprehensive services in the corporate level, designing and negotiating the necessary contracts (specifically in commercial and agribusiness matters).

We assist entrepreneurs and work with startup´s in the legal aspects of the first steps and development of their projects (specification of legal structure, agreements between members, and contracts with developers and employees, protection of their inventions’ intellectual property, etc.).

We promote financial activities by the provision of services to investment advisors and insurance companies in the field of Banking Law and financial system. Our professionals have expertise in the business of exploitation of renewable energy and the use of profits from the investment promotion scheme, and knowledge in the field of public-private participation (PPP) projects.

In real estate, we represent real developers and investors on engineering and construction projects o in our country, acting either as intermediaries and advisors.

We provide assistance to enterprises that are interested in establishing their offices and investing in Uruguay, through the creation of the corresponding legal vehicles, acting as intermediaries for carrying out dealing for the development of the enterprise, organizing the business from the commercial point of view, managing work permits, visas and residences required for foreign workers, and providing advice about the legislation applicable to their activities. With regards to the investment promotion scheme, we advise in the performance of investment projects, managing the corresponding permits and authorizations, tax exemptions and the national interest declaration.

Our services are enhanced with the assistance of accounting and notary experts with whom we form strategic alliances, providing comprehensive solutions.