September 19, 2016

Labor Court Proceedings

This book is the result of the team work of professionals at PÉREZ del CASTILLO & AsociadosMatías Pérez del Castillo, Juan Diego Menghi, Evangelina Torres and Florencia Di Segni.

The book provides a compilation of Laws 18.572 and 18.847 on "Abbreviation of Labor Court Proceedings", and includes commentaries to every article as well as the most accepted scholars’ opinions and recent case law, with a theoretical and practical approach.

The book also includes an Annex of Laws and Regulations which transcribes the laws that regulate special labor court proceedings (Law 17.940 on the protection of trade union freedom, Law 18.561 on sexual harassment, etc.), regulation related to these proceedings (Laws 18.099 and 18.251 on outsourcing, among others) and regulations to consider in the case of collective disputes (for example, Law 18.566 on Collective Bargaining and decree 165/006 on lockouts).

The way in which the book is organized enables an easy understanding and access to labor court proceedings in Uruguay and constitutes an essential tool for judges, lawyers and other legal practitioners involved in labor litigation. 

For further information please visit the website of publisher Fundación de Cultura Universitaria (FCU):