• Corporate - M&A

    We offer complete and continuous assistance to our clients acting as acquirers, sellers or intermediaries (...)

  • Labour & Employment

    We specialize in preventive counselling, both in relation to our clients’ own staff and outsourced personnel (...)

  • Commercial Law and Insolvency Procedures

    We intervene in the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts in different areas of economic activity (…)

  • Dispute Resolution - Litigation

    We specialize in the advocacy of our clients under labour claims and disputes, and Company Law dispute resolutions (...)

  • Investments and Deals

    We advise companies interested in settling and investing in Uruguay on matters including the creation of appropriate legal solutions (corporations, for example), intermediation (...)

  • Banking and Financial System

    We offer assistance in matters related to central bank regulations of the Financial and Stock Market System, such as registration as (...)

  • Civil

    We assist in the preparation, drafting and negotiation of several contracts and civil operations (purchases, leases, services, etc.) and arrangements (...)

  • Compliance and Money Laundering Prevention

    We assist our clients in the creation of policies aiming to prevent money laundering, as well in the development of regulations (...)

  • Family Business and Family Law

    We provide assistance for members of Family Businesses on legal issues relating to the planning of their (…)

  • Administrative and Regulatory

    We offer assistance in administrative proceedings before governmental bodies (eg under petitions and administrative recourses) and actions for annulment of administrative acts (...)

  • Agribusiness

    We offer advice to producers from the agriculture sector, usually incorporated as different agricultural Associations) and to third parties (...)

  • Environmental and Renewable Energy

    We participate in advising and structuring of projects related to renewable energy (...)

  • Migration

    We provide assistance and comprehensive advice to foreigners who decide to settle in Uruguay through the process of applying and obtaining necessary residence permits (...)

  • Transportation

    We provide advice to air and maritime companies on issues related to Aeronautic and Maritime Law, commercial contracts, Labour Law (...)

  • Notary Services

    We provide notary services for transferring or granting of guarantees related to property, vehicles and commercial establishments. Our services also include the (...)

  • Tax - Outsourcing

    We sponsor taxpayers’, both companies and individuals, on administrative proceedings filed at the Social Security Fund (BPS) and the Internal Revenue Service Administration (...)