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Notary Services

We provide all kind of Real Estate services related to acquisitions, disposals and the administration of movable and immovable property (purchases, leases, leasing among others).

We advise and counsel clients in the structuring of real estate investments, both urban and rural, accompanying the client in all stages of the project or transaction, providing the most efficient structure for the business.

We participate in the drafting and negotiation of contracts, structuring of real estate investments as well as in drafts and controls of guarantees (mortgages, pledges, and trusts). Our department has strategic alliances with tax advisors in order to providing integral solutions.



Accounting and Outsourcing

In order to satisfy the current tendency of companies to delegate certain services, our firm provides reliable outsourcing of administrative accounting processes, which allows organizations to focus on the fundamental aspects of their activity, betting to achieve the best results that this modality Business offers:

  • Accounting
  • Preparation of Financial Statements and Financial Reports.
  • Payroll Services
  • Advisory on accounting matters.
  • Compliance with local accounting standards.

Tax Advice

We sponsor taxpayers’, both companies and individuals, on administrative proceedings filed at the Social Security Fund (BPS) and the Internal Revenue Service Administration (DGI), and on actions for annulment of administrative acts of such bodies at the Administrative Court. Together with associated professionals, we give advice on tax and fiscal planning.

Business training

Our law firm offers training and practical workshops that may include, depending on the public, different legal topics such as labor, notarial, corporate, and commercial matters.

The workshops are addressed to professionals (lawyers, accountants and notaries), as well as to directors and shareholders of corporations, hierarchies and superior personnel, and even to any other natural person in charge of labor relations or union representatives.

The aim of the training is to inform and highlight the most important issues of each area in order to mitigate any possible contingencies that may arise from the ignorance of applicable regulation or from the inconvenient of management.

In labor and union matters, we focus the courses on the following topics:

  • Collective bargaining: system, levels and contents.
  • Exercise of the power of management: good business management practices.
  • Employer disciplinary power: Its scope and limitations.
  • Safety and health at work: Management and prevention.
  • Prevention of sexual and labor harassment.
  • Management of labor relations: issues to consider when developing internal policies.

In corporate matters we will deal with the following topics:

  • Directors of Commercial Corporations: duties, rights, and methods to limit their responsibilities.
  • Shareholders of Stock Corporations: function, rights, and obligations.
  • Good practices of Corporate Governance: implementation of manuals and good practice protocols.
  • Functioning of Stock Corporations.
  • Mergers, Excisions and Acquisitions: Relevant practical aspects to consider when evaluating these operations either from the perspective of the buyer or seller or the absorber or absorbed.
  • Family businesses: management, direction and planning.

In commercial matters we will highlight the following topics:

  • The importance of documenting relationships with suppliers, customers and any other business relationship. Different types of contracts and the most important clauses suggested to be incorporated.
  • Documenting credits in different ways.
  • Guarantees: classes, models and benefits of each type of guarantee.
  • Management of defaulters: Protocol of action before debtors, with special emphasis on the execution of securities and invoices.

In Real Estate matters we highlight:

  • The importance of the notarial acts as means of proof.
  • The notarial intervention as a mechanism to resolve conflicts.
  • Powers of attorneys: optimize business operations through the delegation of powers.

Without prejudice to the matters mentioned above, we also prepare tailor-made courses based on regulatory novelties, requirements or relevant circumstances that merit their treatment.



Pérez del Castillo & Asociados has been recognized in the three areas in which it specializes: labor, corporate and lawsuits and arbitrations. We invite you to know all our awards.

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