We provide assistance in the formulation and negotiation of different civil related agreements and businesses: purchases agreements, leases, construction, professional services, banking guarantee agreements, transactions, etc. In the area of construction, we advise principals just as much as contractors and/or subcontractors in every stage of the works of civil construction and industrial installations, formulating and negotiating the different necessary contracts (civil works, engineering services, supply, implementation, installation, and monitoring of works, etc.) to carry it out (including guarantee and insurance contracts), and counselling during its implementation and termination.

We make recommendations about the risks of litigations within business decisions. We provide legal assistance and advice in the prevention and appropriate solution to conflicts arising from claims.

We provide legal assistance and advice in claims (contractual and tort liability, and aspects related to consumer protection), and comprehensive advice to civil organizations and foundations.

Our practitioners have extensive experience in the field of  leasing’s, and in proceedings aimed at the settlement of disputes concerning real estate ownership, possession, conveyance and management.

We have vast experience in the field of leasing’s, and we take actions in procedures that aim to elucidate disputes concerning ownership, tenure, transfer and administration of real property.

Our professionals participate in the execution and enforcement of: security interest (pledges and mortgages), personal guarantees (bonds), foreign judgments and arbitral awards.