November 03, 2016

Companies and Trade Unions. Trade Union Law Handbook

Authors: Matías Pérez del Castillo - Pedro Gari


This third edition complements and updates previous editions by including the most recent scholars’ and case law contributions and the latest amendments to laws and regulations.

Throughout the pages of this handbook, Matías Pérez del Castillo and Pedro Gari, cover the most relevant practical aspects on: trade unions, trade union activity facilities, trade union freedom of association, company’s rights, collective bargaining, collective bargaining agreements, the right to strike and its effects, abusive collective measures, lockouts, the parties’ means of defense vis-à-vis abusive collective measures, among other subjects.

The handbook maintains the style of its previous editions aiming at facilitating both, understanding and quick reference as well as the studying of the subject not only of lawyers, judges, labor relations professionals and students, but also of business people, unionists, politicians and reporters. 

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